During my hiatus from this blog, I’ve met new friends, reunite with friends, a part-time job, I tried to love and forget but speaking how you feel is a struggle day by day. Who knew that sharing your feelings when you are happy its easier than feeling in pain. So, this is why I’m tired of sleeping in and I want to wake up to a beautiful morning (Especially, waking up to a smell of coffee).

I know I may sound sentimental but I have found me and my love for all related to arts such as photography and reading self-love books that you browse at your local book store. Is it me or do I just really like the smell of new books or textbook even? And how many of you bought a book and read everything but didn't like the story then you decided to refund? Well, that's me alright, I know I just can't believe I made a confession.

Anyway, Its been 5 years ago that I started my blog. Looking back at my old post made me realise how much I enjoyed writing and sharing. Of course! I do feel a little embarrassed of some of my old posts and perhaps it needs a major update. So, I hid them for now until further notice. I am nervous, anxious and excited at the same time to open this again.

Let's start with 5 random facts about me 

1.) I love Jaffa cake and Nakd bars as a snack sometimes if I'm feeling low peanut butter and crackers. 
2) I love to run and do mini work out at home than the gym. 
3) I watch the same movie over and over again until I'm tired of it.
4) I love to play online games when I'm stress.
5) I'm really small I am 5'1